Product certification in the European Union

CE certificate

CE certification is carried out so that the regulatory authorities can make sure that the products comply with the requirements of European directives and standards. Most types of products are subject to mandatory CE certification. These are machinery, personal protective equipment, elevators, building materials, medical devices, children's products and many other products that can harm human health, the state of the environment, the safety of property if they are manufactured in an inadequate quality of safety.

In the process of certification of products, the requirements of harmonized standards and Directives of the European Parliament and Council are taken as a basis.

The result of certification is the issuance and registration of the CE certificate. This document is one of the important permissive documents that allow you to enter the European market with your products.

How to get CE certificate

Our company has been working for many years with accredited bodies (Notified Body), which have permission to carry out CE certification. With us you can expand the boundaries of your business and reach a new level.

We carry out certification in several stages:

  • You send an application. It should provide information about the names and the main purpose of the products. Based on this information we determine the directives and standards the requirements of which will be used for certification;
  • You submit technical documentation: diagrams, drawings, information about raw materials, operating manuals, etc .;
  • We organize testing of samples of products. For this accredited laboratories are involved. By contacting our company you can count on the tests to be carried out in accordance with the established procedure. The test results are recorded in the protocols;
  • Based on positive test reports and technical documentation we create a "Technical file" and transfer it to the appropriate accredited body (Notified Body);
  • An accredited body (Notified Body) examines the protocols and submitted documents;
  • After compliance is established a CE certificate is issued;
  • You get the right to mark the products with the CE mark.

Please contact if you are planning to enter the EU market with your products.